The Church Template

It’s 2016. Your church has to have a website. And it has to be mobile responsive. The good news is that it does not have to cost a fortune anymore.


of potential guests will look at your website before coming to your church


of the Internet is viewed on a mobile device


of potential guests under 25-years-old view the Internet mainly on mobile devices


The Church Template


100% Responsive

The majority of the internet is viewed on a mobile device. The Church Template is designed with the mobile experience in mind and is 100% mobile friendly.

Target Audience

We know your website is your digital billboard. The Church Template is designed to give all the information a first-time guest would need in one easy-to-read layout.

Wordpress Based

You need to be able to edit and update it easily. Because of this, The Church Template is powered by WordPress – the #1 content management system in the world.


No Contract

With The Church Template, you will own where your site lives on the internet. This means there won’t be any annoying monthly or yearly fees to host your site.

Large Welcome Image

The Church Template opens with a large image of what guests can expect when they come to your church on a weekend. Overlayed on top of that image is a brief welcome message. Below the welcome message is the opportunity for the guest to do whatever you want them to do: contact you, view service times, etc.

Service Times & Location

The second thing a guest will see on The Church Template is your service times and location. Research shows this is the #1 thing a potential guest is looking for on your church’s website, so we make it front and center.

Who We Are

There’s a church on every corner in most places, so potential guests want to know what makes you different from all the others. Not only does The Church Template put your vision and values front and center, it also helps paint the picture of who you are by having large dividers featuring pictures of your church.


It’s one thing to tell potential guests about your church. It’s a completely different thing to allow others to tell their story of how God has changed their life through your church. The Church Template puts those stories front and center.

For The Family

Potential guests want to know what ministries you have available for them, their kids, and their entire family. The Church Template allows you to highlight a couple ministries right on the front page while giving clear next steps on how to find out more information.


The bio of the lead pastor of a church is one of the top four things looked at on any church website. Instead of burying that deep inside a staff page, The Church Template highlights the bio of the lead pastor and key leaders on the front page while linking to a full staff page.

Next Steps

Your website is a two-way street. Not only are you giving information to potential guests, you also have the ability to communicate directly with them. We’ve included a section on the front page for you to do this. Whether it’s a simple contact form, a “Plan Your Visit” section, or whatever the next steps look like for you, we’ve got a place set aside for it.

Integrated Online Giving

We’ve partnered with to have online giving integrated directly into The Church Template. Instead of sending people to a separate page to give, they can now give while on your website. In addition to this, offers a mobile giving app and text giving.


Upgrades Available


You may want more than the standard features of The Church Template. If so, that’s awesome! We include upgrades that include a video background on the welcome, Vimeo integration for sermons and announcements, setting up a blog feature, social media integration, and more.


Want to see The Church Template in action?


  • We set the template up for you
  • We create the custom headers
  • We input all copy
  • Up to 8 pages
  • Social media integration
  • Vimeo integration
  • Blog feature
  • Video introduction
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  • We set the template up for you
  • We create the custom headers
  • We input all copy
  • Unlimited pages
  • Social media integration
  • Vimeo integration
  • Blog feature
  • Video introduction
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees?

No. The prices we have listed are what we charge. With that said, you must own your domain name and hosting for us to set up The Church Template. If you don’t have those things, we can work with our strategic partners to provide you a great hosting plan with no added mark up.

Why are there only 8 pages on the standard package?

Some templates come with more pages built in, some come with less. We believe these 8 pages are the core of what your church needs. They include:

• Home page
• Ministries Page
• Staff page
• Vision page
• Beliefs page
• Time & Location page
• Giving page
• Contact page

What if we want regular support?

That’s great! We’d love to help with that but don’t include it in The Church Template since not everyone wants, needs, or can afford the monthly charge. If you’re interested in monthly support – whether it’s maintenance, having a webmaster, or anything else – please mention that to us and we can get you a quote.

Where do you get the pictures for the dividers?

You will provide us with those pictures. We can give you exact specifications for what we need once we get started. Some churches have photographers in their church and choose to use them to take the photos. Others can’t afford that and simply use their iPhone and that works great as well!

What's up with the long scrolling front page?

We know this is a new style of website and is different than your traditional church website. We do it for one big reason:

It’s easier for a potential guest to read on their mobile device.

With everything they need on one long scrolling page, there’s no annoying links to click, no back and forth between pages, and no frustration in finding information.

Can we use a giving service that isn't
Of course! If you have an online giving resource that you already use, we can work that in to your website at no extra cost. We’re just huge fans of and have partnered with them for churches wanting to add giving.
We have an upgrade we'd like but it's not listed.

Not a problem at all. The upgrades to The Church Template are pretty limitless. Would you like to integrate an e-mail newsletter? Or do you need to integrate a church management system such as The City or Fellowship One? We can definitely do that. Let’s talk about it and we can give you the pricing for that.

Wordpress is a blogging platform, why do you charge extra for the blogging feature?

That’s a great question. The blogging capability is built in to The Church Template. We charge extra to set it up because we customize the sidebars, integrate it to the front page, and make sure it’s working perfect before we hand it off to you. You can definitely do this on your own if you have the capacity.

Can we integrate social media on our own?

Of course! The beauty of WordPress is that it’s fairly easy to use if you’ve got the time or capacity to dig in a little bit. We’ll gladly set it up for you, but if you can do it on your own, we’d rather you save the money and use that to impact your community.

I have more questions.

Awesome. Feel free to contact us and we’ll answer anything we can.

Wanting a more custom design?

We can create your church a custom website that will help you stand out amongst the crowd. If you’re interested in that, please contact us and we can talk about what you need.

Get in touch!